April 30th, 2024
9am UTC

We are excited to announce a node sale for Sophon, an entertainment-focused ecosystem built as a modular rollup leveraging zkSync's Hyperchain technology. As a zkSync hyperchain leveraging the ZK Stack, Sophon is intended to be tailored for any high throughput applications such as artificial intelligence and gaming applications. Sophon facilitates the connection between developers and users, backed by a robust strategic collaboration with ecosystems like zkSync, Beam, Zentry, and Aethir.

In an effort to achieve fair and incentivized participation, the intention is to allow node holders to operate the Sophon sequencer and thereby receive sequencer fees. In addition, node operators are intended to be rewarded in the native token of the Sophon network, $SOPH, for contributing to the maintenance and integrity of Sophon’s decentralized infrastructure.

Leveraging the ZK Stack, Sophon is positioned to become a leading provider in the entertainment and blockchain space, leveraging the most future-proof Ethereum L2 out there. By participating in Sophon’s node sale, purchasers can engage with a blockchain network designed to shape the future of entertainment and blockchain technology, ensuring a decentralized, efficient, and user-centric environment.

Why Run a Node?

Once zkSync enables proof-of-authority for Hyperchains (ETA Q2/3 2024), running a node on Sophon will contribute to the decentralization of the Sophon network and it is intended that node operators will earn rewards from being participants in the consensus of the network. Technical documentation will be made available in due course.

Revenue from that is simply: num txs * tx fee

Up to 20% of the total supply of the $SOPH token is allocated for node operators in Sophon’s ecosystem, to be released over the course of the next three years (assuming continued participation as a node operator for the duration of that period). The intention is that the tokenomics of the $SOPH token will set aside that total percentage amount for the node operators specifically.

Node Sale Details

Token Economics

It is envisaged that the supply of the $SOPH token will be allocated as follows*:

*Final tokenomics, allocation and vesting schedule of the $SOPH token subject to change until publication of the technical documentation prior to the launch of Sophon, which is expected to occur in Q3 2024.

More Opportunities on the Horizon

Although participating in this node sale offers an initial opportunity to acquire $SOPH tokens, the intention is to introduce additional paths to obtain $SOPH through an airdrop process. In this connection, users will, subject to the applicable terms and conditions, be able to stake certain assets to qualify for a $SOPH airdrop. The first asset announced is $BEAM, the native token of the Beam network.

$BEAM contract address: 0x62d0a8458ed7719fdaf978fe5929c6d342b0bfce

More information about the airdrop process will be announced.

About Sophon

Sophon is enhancing the entertainment landscape with its modular Layer 2 solution, designed around the zkSync hyperchain and powered by the innovative ZK Stack. This blockchain network integrates artificial intelligence with gaming to offer developers and users a streamlined and engaging experience. Supported by prominent entities such as Paper Ventures, Maven 11, Matter Labs, Spartan, SevenX, OKX Ventures, and Lambda Class, Sophon has raised $10 million to advance its decentralized infrastructure.

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Any participation in the node sale will be subject to the purchaser agreeing to the Node Sale Terms and Conditions, which will be published on Sophon’s website on or prior to the node sale.